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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Quick Words with Joy Mosgofian

-Don't be afraid to be dumb, ask a lot questions

-Keep your vision-Joy is heart-set on providing a venue for the community she loves

-Think Outside the box-ability to think abstractly-avoid the cliché

-Self Discipline and Organization

-It's great to be a people person and do what you like

In an effort to revitalize the Del Paso Heights area, and bring the community together, several new businesses have opened there doors on Del Paso Blvd. These brave new business owners face the challenges of operating businesses in a risky area ripe for development. Joy Mosgofian and her business partner Christy Canlett have created a haven for the community and brought with them a bohemian, multicultural mix of classy design balanced with compassion, community, and worldly awareness. Refugio wins hearts through its virtuous presence, and soothing earthy atmosphere. Unlike the industrial corporate coffee fix of Starbucks, Cafe Refugio is an enticing spot to sit down, relax and chat.

Located at 1901 Del Paso BLVD in Sacramento, the café is as virtuous and good natured as its owners, enticing walkers by to come in and grab a cup. From spontaneous idea, to a jaw dropping reality,the café started with the help of community and family support, Joy and partner Christy pieced together a business that is now the cultural epicenter of the boulevard. Joy not only started a café but created a business standard pushing social responsibility and environmental awareness. The Cafe captures the sense of compassion and awareness that is so present in its owners. Saturday nights, you can catch local musicians and artists showing their work and take advantage of a great venue to mingle and schmooze with the people.

Incorporating morality and community devotion into a business plan, who knew it could be so successful?
We sat down with Joy in the café , and chatted it up with the young upstart. Joy, who can be found behind the counter on any day of the week, manages to make a personal connection with just about everyone who walks through the door, making everyone feel welcome and right at home. Social Responsibility, community involvement establish symbiotic relationship with an Art Gallery, church, local businesses, artists and musicians take this café to the next level. Merged with an art gallery and church, Cafe Refugio is embedded in the community and becomes an important element of just about every social event in the area.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

April 28th,

Steve Cohn is the current Sacramento City Council Member for District 3. We recently sat down with Cohn at a local Bagel joint to discuss community issues and seek opportunity. Cohn truly leads by example and encourages community involvement, mentioning how his career began with his children, participating in their activities, as well as being actively involved with the events of his local Temple. His wife is involved with a group that cleans up litter and graffiti. Mr. Cohn places strong values on mentoring youth, and young adults mentoring younger kids to ensure our children are inspired by their peers, hold strong moral and ethical beliefs, and are kept out of gangs and street violence.

Career In Politics

Community involvement and eventually campaign involvement go hand in hand for a career in politics.If one wants to get involved with politics, find a campaign you believe in and volunteer, get involved.This year is an election year and ripe with great opportunity to begin a career in politics.


An important aspect of youth involvement should be placed on the environment. According to Cohn. Issues such as global warming and energy shortages should inspire our youth to be more energy efficient and innovative when it comes to transportation, consumption, and future alternatives.


We asked Mr. Cohn what his motivation behind his involvement in the Art and Science fair at Leonardo da Vinci K-8 school, Cohn was inspired by the renaissance man himself, and his multiple interests and contributions to art, science, and engineering. Inspired with the science fair was a great scientist & artist and he wanted kids to express themselves this way. We questioned him further on how he plans to improve public schools.

Councilman Cohn plans to add after school programs so that our youth have a safe and positive place to go after school. One such plan, expands on the START program already in place. (Sacramento START began January 1996 is set up for low-income families to send their children after school). The goal for the program is to allow students more time for completing their homework, get tutoring and become involved in more activities on campus. He would like to extend the program to preschools, giving kids a better start and some much needed attention. In addition he is working to improve the community in general through Joint facilities where the city and school districts work together to build shared libraries.

Family Fun

Councilman Cohn was also involved with the creation of the East Portal Park Bocce ball courts. The private club that maintains the courts also host events for men and women of all ages. Cohn supported the project because people of all ages and ability can play the game and the club encourages community involvement. Whether you are two years old or 80 years old you can have fun on the Bocce courts. Some other fun family events that Cohn mentioned were "Screen on the Green" a free movie night at different parks throughout the city as well as "Pops in the Park"; frequent music events that host a variety of local bands and music acts.


Cohn had many ideas about urbanizing areas near Sacramento State, such as smarter city planning like F65, a development with a shopping center and apartments at the corner of Folsom Blvd. and 65th street, a short distance to Sac State, which would optimize accessibility and convenience and reduce the dependency on automobiles. Cohn also suggested reallocating more of the money from gas taxes to further help with transportation issues as well as encouraging the use of the RT system (light rail or bus), biking, walking, rollerblading and carpooling.


Sacramento being one of the most integrated city in the Nation we asked Councilman Steve Cohn for his views on the growth and development of this area. For instance Councilmen Cohn focused on how California has always been integrated even before in formed into a state. Cohn has devoted his time and effort to help build the first Capital Unity Center in order to facilitate tolerance and unity among the different cultures in the capital city. The long term goals of this center are to break down the stigmatism associated with certain cultures, to educate and unite the community. Through this center, Cohn believes this will help prevent hate crimes. The Capital Unity Center will be located on 16th and N street.


After devastating Weather events such as the tsunami in South East Asia and hurricane Katrina, the integrity of the local Sacramento Valley levee system has come into question.The city is working hard to strengthen the levees in portions of the Sacramento river. Some of the challenges the city faces are employing smarter building strategies so that future housing developments are not placed right against the levee so that no work can be done to improve them. Folsom Dam also raises management concerns as it can only let out water when it is full at a less than efficient rate. Flooding will always be an issue for Sacramento, but through smart planning and proper management, flood damage can be kept to a minimum.

If you would like to know more about councilman Cohn or would like to ask him your own questions visit

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Networking Makes Business Work

In business there are many areas that require knowledge and know-how to help you attain those greater obstacles. One of these integral parts of the business world is networking or joining two or more individuals/companies to assist one-another. While doing some research I came upon a few tips by Stephanie Speisman that may be helpful:

1. Keep in mind that networking is about being genuine and authentic, building trust and relationships, and seeing how you can help others.

2. Ask yourself what your goals are in participating in networking meetings so that you will pick groups that will help you get what you are looking for. Some meetings are based more on learning, making contacts, and/or volunteering rather than on strictly making business connections.

3. Visit as many groups as possible that spark your interest. Notice the tone and attitude of the group. Do the people sound supportive of one another? Does the leadership appear competent? Many groups will allow you to visit two times before joining.

4. Hold volunteer positions in organizations. This is a great way to stay visible and give back to groups that have helped you.

5. Ask open-ended questions in networking conversations. This means questions that ask who, what, where, when, and how as opposed to those that can be answered with a simple yes or no. This form of questioning opens up the discussion and shows listeners that you are interested in them.

6. Become known as a powerful resource for others. When you are known as a strong resource, people remember to turn to you for suggestions, ideas, names of other people, etc. This keeps you visible to them.

7. Have a clear understanding of what you do and why, for whom, and what makes your doing it special or different from others doing the same thing. In order to get referrals, you must first have a clear understanding of what you do that you can easily articulate to others.

8. Be able to articulate what you are looking for and how others may help you. Too often people in conversations ask, "How may I help you?" and no immediate answer comes to mind.

9. Follow through quickly and efficiently on referrals you are given. When people give you referrals, your actions are a reflection on them. Respect and honor that and your referrals will grow.

10. Call those you meet who may benefit from what you do and vice versa. Express that you enjoyed meeting them, and ask if you could get together and share ideas.

For more helpful business hints visit

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Get the Meeting Moving and Keep it Moving
LHCM is all bout balancing the body and mind, keeping the body strong and the mind sharp, and fitting exercise into busy schedules can be quite a challenge. Why not mix your meetings and get exercise at the same time? Most meetings tend to be a waste of time why not do something that is known to be beneficial,exercise. If you are meeting with a small group, get moving. Take a walk aroudn the office and discuss your issues. Your blood will be flowing and you'll feel more up to the challenge, your brain will be awake and responsive, and you may actually accomplish something during the meeting.CEO's and politicians are often forced to have such mobile meetings but why not embrace the opportunity and encourage effective meetings by keeping them moving an active. Have you ever seen the cast of the West Wing sitting down talking to the president, those times are few and far between and half the episodes are shot with the president walking down a hall with people following him. This method will keep the briefs brief, and focus on getting to the heart of the matter.

Meeting Methods that your body and your Doctor Would Appreciate:

1. Take the stairs between floors
Stairs are not only a but kicking cardio workout, they can be a vital part of a persons day. No one will waste time in a meeting if they are forced to climb stairs, it will be focused and to the point.

2. Walk to the coffee shop
Chances are you'll be taking a trip there anyway as will half the employees in the office why not do it together and walk it.

3.Walk through the town
If you are stumped with a problem, where do the solutions tend to hit you, locked away behind a desk and computer or out in the world doing other things. Take your problem solving meetings on the road, inspiration tends to hit those who are active. Keep your employees moving.

4. On The Ball Meetings

A big problem during meetings is attentiveness and keeping those involved participating. A good way to avoid this is to keep them active instead of chairs use the giant exercise balls, they force you to hold your balance, stay centered, and be actively involved.

5. Important Meeting- Park Far Away
If you ever had to go to a career changing meeting and parked right next to the building, chances are you were still nervous when you got to the meeting. Park far away and give yourself a 5-10 minute walk to prepare yourself, you will find that your mind and body will relax and you will feel refreshed. While your walking, remind yourself that you are a success, you have a great product or solution, and all the other reasons why you are prepared and ready for action.

6. Go Crazy! Rent one of These for a Meeting!
Change is good, it lightens and breaks up our normal lives. If your company needs a change chances are you and your employees need one too. Crazy ideas can revitalize creativity and restore inspiration in the workplace.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Interview With Allen Warren

Projects of Interest:

Revitalizing the Del Paso Heights area and transforming it into a Technology Hub. This is one of his main personal and professional goals.

Lunch Hour Career Moves is about inspiring, informing and educating the masses in the world of the ambitious entrepenuer, the world of business communication and networking, a world of opportunity that can change a person's life in a single meeting. The purpose of these discussions is to gather the wisdom and advice of the business and political leaders of our time.

Having a Moment with Mr. Warren
Allen Warren is the President and CEO of New Faze Development, an infill real estate development company. We sat down with Mr. Allen Warren and gained not only wisdom, and great advice, but also an opportunity to help make a local community better. Allen is not only a visionary leader but a very mindful and balanced individual. Allen believes in legacy, and wants to be remembered by his community, his, children and their children to come by his contributions to their lives and the community around them.

Allen played professional Baseball for the Yankees and later became a stock broker where he noticed that real estate was a part of everyone's portfolio.

Community and Leadership
Allen believes that a lack of leadership is a big problem in the community and the community needs to come together to break the stigmas about the Del Paso area in order to bring new people, new businesses, and growth to the community.

Overcoming Obstacles
When asked about the obstacles he faced, Allen spoke of the obstacles of running a successful business and overcoming stereotypes as an African American and a person. "If you're a person of color, you have to show that you are more than a stereo type." No matter who you are, you will face challenges building a business.

His Advice

Focus on the Quality of Life and Longevity
Allen's values focus deeply on the quality of life and doing things to increase the longevity of life. He is dedicated to improving the quality of life in the Del Paso Heights area. He also added that focusing on having substance adds to QOL.

Mind and Body in Balance
Studies agree, those who train their body are often successful in their careers as well.
Allen commented on how he works hard to keep things in balance and stay in shape. He keeps mind, body and spirit active.

Finding Desire
Find something you like to do and making money doing it is the greatest thing you can do as an adult. He wanted to retire at age 30 and now at 40 years old he continues working because it is what he loves. "You can't be afraid to try something new"

Set Lofty Goals
You only have so much time so you have to get as much done as you can. Allen spoke of not achieving half the goals he has set for himself, but aiming high and pursuing those goals and earning the level of success he has reached.

Becoming an Entrepenuer- Pursuit of The Big Chair.
As an Entrepreneur and CEO you must always be listening and formulating possible solutions to problems and be effective at it. Listening to subtle details, analyzing every part of what is said and making informed decisions that will benefit your business.

Grasp Opportunity before someone else does.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

More on Wal-Mart: How it Could Restore the Nation
If Wal-Mart stepped up to the plate, took the Lunch Hour Career Mover's approach and focused on creating a work force of knowledgeable, happy(better-pay) healthier (better health benefits) dependable people; it could change the nation for the better. Educating their employees on retail statistics, product and general how-to knowledge, in the form of a weekly report or daily session, paying them extra for their new found expertise and the health care-package to back it up could dramatically improve its image, drawing people back to the store, and elevating the standard of living for entire the nation.With Wal-Mart changing its employees into an expert work force other retailers will half to comply to compete. Wal-Mart says it's all about home values, well, let's see them put their money where their smiley face is and put it to the test.

Wal-Mart bettering Itself: A Revolutionary Idea
Imagine walking into a Wal-Mart where the staff is friendly and helpful and job oriented. Not only do they help you find what they are looking for, but they can give you facts and figures, including most popular selling items, and useful statistics about the item that isn't on the label , like detergent is safe for the envronment, how long the rubber made container will hold together, what the most popular design elements to use in a bathroom, etc.

The Procedure

I can think of a million different ways to educate the employees on statistics and details about the industry, but just think a hi-tech Internet delivered, corporate filtered form of information or an application for Internet devices at Wal-Mart for customers and employees. First they would have initial training on the basic reoccurring things and facts and information that is useful to the customer regardless of what store they are in for the store or their department. Then when they are stocking shelves, straightening and facing items and they are asked a question, they can provide meaningful answers and recommendations to the customer.

In order to make up for the cost of training and on going employee education solution (the higher cost of reasonable wages and health care costs they can swallow-as they deserve to do so as a responsible corporate entity) They can launch a huge marketing campaign where they simply brag about their new methods and Raise the Prices
just a little bit for the customer.

The Cost
Initially it would cost Millions, billions they would claim I'm sure, they would probably ask for government assistance rather than pay out of their own packed pockets. It is true that it would cost money, but Wal- Mart is notorious for finding ways to stream line processes, why not stream line employee education?

The Results
If It is in the name of restoring opportunity to America, I and everyone else (I'm sure many would agree), would gladly pay a little extra for those imported Chinese goods and do my part. This would be a more direct method at least for how taxpayers subsidize Wal-Mart employees anyway. We would be just going back to the way things are normally done; there would be no price difference in long run. No one has time to comparison shop, and once they are in the store Wal- Mart knows the probability of them buying something is almost a guarantee. They won't stop shopping at Wal-Mart, no matter how hard we ask or how much we pay them. America is addicted to Wal-Mart. After being the retail monster, I think people would get behind a company that is interested in doing this to restore the nation.

The employees would have an employable skill that could make them a manager in any other retail chain, they would be able to buy medicine for their children, afford to live for a change and bringing up their spending power (which a large chunk makes it back into Wal-Mart anyway).

The disgruntled Nation including former customers and ex employees would come back to shop at a retailer that looks to improve the country (patriotic) in stores where their employees give them piece of mind as well. This would dramatically improve Wal-Marts image. This type of marketing could give Wal-Mart an edge over eco-friendly IKEA and certainly drive a nail in the head of the old ways of the retail industry. Bye-bye old school, hello innovation! Everyone looks up to Wal Mart. They set the standards, and everyone would have to follow in its wake in order to stay afloat. The other retailers would follow suit and suddenly we have a working class of experts with a little spare change in their pockets and a class of even smarter consumers. What happens when you have loose change, wisdom and piece of mind? Innovation and that is what LHCM is all about- motivating you to innovate.

LHCM Pledge
Here at LHCM, we are not just about talking the talk, but walking the walk, that is why we vow to carry a proposal on the specifics of this type of operation to the ears of all the major retailers. We will pitch our proposal and make sure it does not fall on deaf ears.

Wal-Mart: A Company of LHCMers?
Once again the retail giant Wal-Mart has become the top news story across the nation. Recently, Wal-Mart let the banking industry know that they desire to get into the field. This action has raised yet another red flag against the company's expansion, which is beginning to become a common occurence. The company wishes to be able to process their own credit card transactions, instead of paying a different company to do this for them. Other retail companies, such as Target and Sears do this, but those companies are not hell bent on dominating all forms of retail in the world. The argument people and banks are purposing is, "Where will this action lead in the future?" Wal-Mart, like any eager company, has an agenda and has set high profit targets to grasp. The banking world believes Wal-Mart will use this initial action into the banking world as a spring board into the retail banking world in order to complete their agenda.

The new route Wal-Mart has taken is definately not one of an LHCMer. Those of the LHCM mentality would have chosen to stay within their field and would therefore focus on trying to better the infrastructure of their business. If they have money to spend, how about revamping their employee health care program and re-evaluating their hourly wage? Furthermore, if Wal Mart spent half a percent of their profits on making their employees the best qualified and most knowledgable in the entire retail industry, it would be a great turn around for the company. This would be the LHCM approach. We wish to set the bar higher for employees the profit margins would follow. Every retailer models after Wal-Mart and if they set the standard higher in terms of employee expertise and skill they could motivate a nation via competition to become as a whole smarter, and more efficient; that is the LHCM way. While improving their business they would help themselves, their workers, and others around them gain knowledge, skill, and experience in the world of retail. An LHCMer would not try to push their corporate weight into other areas of revenue, like banking, such as Wal-Mart is attempting to do. As a society that knows the Wal-Mart methodology, we know what comes next, first they colonize, then they take over by overwhelming the competition. Wal-Mart does posses the characteristics of desire and the need for pursuit like an LHCMer, however they are using them to fulfill their need for greed and control.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

What is an LHCMer?

Career Making Mentality

A Lunch Hour Career Mover is you raised to your Nth potential. An LHCMer is someone who takes the red pill approach and comes to complete realization about their infinite potential and is limited only by the power of their own thoughts. An LHCMer is constantly pursuing to improve their mind and body. An LHCMer is a person who believes the most adaptable and flexible solution is usually best. An LHCMer is a person who identifies most with water, and makes decisions that are the most liquid; always flowing and ever ready to change. An LHCMer is a person whose actions can be hard and cold like ice when need be, flowing with great force around obstacles, overwhelming them only when they are left with little choice, and actions that are open and embracing like a gentle mist; always calm and ready for change.









A Lunch Hour Career Mover is someone who:


An LHCMer desires more out of life than a 9 to 5 low income job, wants to build a career.

An LHCMer has career goals that he/she is excited about and desires to accomplish those goals.

An LHCMer believes that regardless of status, ethnicity, or current employment situation, that they can build the career of their dreams by building the skills and social networks they need to make it happen all within the convenience of their lunch hour.
An LHCMer believes the world is what they make of it: believes in control of one's destiny.
An LHCMer believes that it does not take huge risks and millions of dollars to build the career of their dreams.

An LHCMer Builds
or strengthens networks in their spare time, establishing lasting relationships with their contacts.

An LHCMer focuses
on making changes that have exponential effects

An LHCMer is willing
to change many aspects of current lifestyle to accomplish goals and is committed to making the changes happen.

An LHCMer Contributes to local community through participation,effort, and honesty.
An LHCMer stays involved with local and worldly issues.

An LHCMer Pursues to better themselves through education and perseverance.

Rinse and Repeat